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The user-friendly design of the Poli dome has made it the industry standard in pollination. It holds 12 nests securely off the ground to deter any rodent damage. The largest dome in our line-up, it measures 96" high X 92" in diameter.

Designed specifically for the blueberry industry, this is a smaller version of the original Poli-Dome ideal for cool-climate and spring-blooming crops. Measuring only 84" in height and 72" in diamater, the berry-dome can be easily moved and stacked.

Berry Dome

The econodome is built for producers that prefer the highest ratio of domes per acre. It allows for 9 nests to be held upright around the inside walls of the dome. The low height makes this dome ideal for producers using irrigation. The econodome is only 72" in height and 92" in diameter.


Through utilizing a pattented hollow-tube technology, the Eggerman Harvester ensures an efficient removal of coccoons while minimizing damage to the bee cells. A presice system of block advancement allows the tubes to accurately eject the cells without damaging the bee nest. The machine comes with a full warranty and acess to a full line of replacement parts.

leafcutter bee poli-dome for alfalfa seed pollination
leafcutter bee dome for pollination of blueberries, canola, clover, alfalfa, buckwheat
Blueberry dome for pollinating with leafcutter bees
Bee Domes

Poli-Domes are light-weight, stackable polyethylene domes that provide leafcutter bees with a dry, warm home throughout the pollinating period.  In addition to providing protection from the elements, the greenhouse-like aspect of the domes warms the inside environment relative to the ambient temperature thereby optmizing bee activity, pollination efficacy, and bee reproduction. Every Dome comes field ready and can be setup in the field within seconds.

Eggerman Bee Harvester

The durable and protective Poli-Surround is designed to hold the nest tight to the backing material to deter parasite entry. Its protective qualities ensure a longer life for bee nests with a better leafcutter bee return. The poli-Surround is built to accommodate either 3" or 3.75" polystyrene nests.

polo-surrounds are used to protect leafcutter bee nests from damage and parasites
eggerman farms leafcutter bee harvester
eggerman farms leafcutter bee harvester
poli-surrounds, leafcutter bee nests, tentest
Incubation trays for leafcutter bee pollination
saskatchewan leafcutter bees
Incubation Trays

Each tray is designed with a quick-snap technology to fill trays quickly and efficiently. The set is sold with a solid bottom and a screen top and holds up to 2.5 gallons of leafcutter bee larvae while maintaining sufficient airflow.

Bee Nests

As a distributor of high quality nesting material, we can customize to your needs; whether its custom paint and stencil or complete nests in surrounds.  

Incubations Trays for Leafcutter bee pollination
Leafcutter bee nests in Saskatchewan Canada for pollination
Blue eggerman farms leafcutter bee dome for pollinating alfalfa seed
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