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The inability of honeybees to successfully pollinate the alfalfa flower coupled with the need for higher yields led to the industry pioneering the mangement of leafcutter bee pollination. Today, alfalfa seed is the largest consumer of leafcutter bee pollination in the world.

quebec wild blueberries
Buckwheat, canola, clover, alfalfa and blueberries are pollinated by the leafcutter bee (megachilidae rotundata)
Eggerman Farms was first established in the heart of the Saskatchewan prairies over 60 years ago. With three generations of farmers involved in the operation, our family farm is in a constant state of flux and always striving to develop new innovations in the market. 
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Hybrid Canola, buckwheat, clover, and numerous other crops have shaped their industries around using the leafcutter bee as their primary pollinator. This expansion of the industry has led to a greater abundance and availability of leafcutters.

Leafcutter bees pollinate wild and tame blueberries across Canada and U.S.A.

The advantages of using Leafcutter Bees to pollinate fruit has been proven by growers across North America. Wild and tame blueberries, melons, and cranberries are among the few fruit industries that have begun to utilize the leafcutter bee to improve overall yields. The short window of pollination for fruit makes the leafcutter bee the perfect pollinator as bees can be released at their full strength on the exact day the flowers are ready to be pollinated.

Alfalfa Seed Industry

Eggerman Farms

Eggerman Farms has always taken a holistic approach to agriculture to ensure long-term sustainablity in both the environment and the industry. Our best management practices include a steady rotation of crops with cereals, legumes, and various oilseeds. This rotations allows us to limit our use of chemicals to promote a healthy array of domestic and native polinators. 

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